HebeSuite offers to an authorised uploader their own managed platform for the upload and controlled distribution of material. It is free to an authorised uploader.

HebeSuite has 4 roles:

Owned Secure Platform

1. It is a platform to upload training materials into curated modules. The system will accept universal formats (MP4, MP3, PDF, PNG, JPEG) and deliver a module including more than one type of material. It is also possible to link a module with external content, if the uploader has permission to use the content or it is free to use openly. To complete the module, there is the option to set an understanding/competency test to ensure that the user of the material has understood the content. There is also the provision to upload Revision materials (documents, audio files, images) to reinforce training. These revision materials may also be delivered through the HebeSuite. The authorised uploader may also create generic audits. All material uploaded remains the property of the uploader and the system asserts the copyright of the uploader.

Company Group management

2. Company Groups: Company Groups directs training to groups of companies associated with the authorised uploader (franchises or Groups or affiliated organisations). If an authorised uploader is part of a company group/franchise/affiliate, any training, information or audits assigned to their group of companies will be circulated through the grouped HebeData systems (see below), but will not be visible to any company using a HebeData system outside the group. For a consultant, it is possible to create multiple company groups according to contracts or types of company served, so that the correct materials can be assigned to the correct contract or company type. Companies in a Group can access only the material assigned to them. Material may be priced, or be part of a contract, or have no charge.

Contractor management

3. Control of Contractors: Selecting the Contractor option enables an authorised uploader to deliver information, training, audit or procedures directly to a contractor or sub-contractor, to ensure that they work to the authorised uploader’s standards. This portal may be used to deliver training to agency workers to ensure that they arrive with induction training completed. Material may be priced, or be part of a contract, or have no charge.

Open Shop

4. The Open Shop: this is simple. Any material can be uploaded into a central shop (HebeMerchant) available to all HebeData using companies. The uploader sets the price: the module is invoiced through Merchant and released on payment. Edatachase retains 20% of the sale price.

HebeData systems and the HebeSuite

To access any one of the three portals (Company Group, Contractor or Shop), a participating company must have a HebeData system.
Each HebeData system is wholly owned by the company paying for it and an uploader using HebeMerchant has NO ACCESS to any HebeData system in a Company Group or Contractor, or to any HebeData system buying from HebeMerchant.
Each HebeData system has a unique number. This is used as the code for the system users to download app icons and is its identifier for Edatachase. When a company is included by an authorised uploader (using HebeSuite) in a Company Group or is a Contractor, the HebeSuite uploader should ask for the unique number. Once entered in the Group or Contractor section, the link between the HebeSuite and the HebeData system is in place. The company’s details will show on screen and the Uploader will verify that the code relates to the correct company.
With a HebeData system, the company can cascade any training to the right people in their organisation.
Each HebeData system can, if required, generate reports (stripped of personal information) for the Authorised Uploader, showing uptake and efficacy of materials.
A HebeData system may be tethered to more than one HebeSuite, and buy materials through the HebeMerchant from any or all uploaders.
Each HebeData system is a full training delivery, monitoring and management tool, with audit capability, infringement management and full reporting, drilling down to individual members of staff or across locations or work-types. A company may also upload their own materials to circulate to their staff – Company handbooks, SOPs, best practice, user manuals for equipment… More information will be available shortly on the HebeSuite website.