Frequently Asked Questions

HebeData is an internal training platform, delivery and management system: each system is owned and managed by a single company. Online training may be created by you/your company to be bespoken for your business, procedures, protocols and management structure, or bought from 3rd party providers and delivered/managed through HebeData. Face to Face and classroom training (on or off site) can be managed and monitored through HebeData. Each member of staff has their own log-in to their personal dashboard. Their full training record, upcoming training and access to their documents, assigned training, assigned audits and remedial (infringement) training is available on their own devices, or company devices, using an icon + personal code, anywhere and at any time. HebeData manages your staff take up, efficacy of training, has in-built document management and version control and a full reporting suite with automated reports covering your whole business. Management is yours and you can channel all your training (delivery, monitoring, testing and reporting) through the HebeData system, drilled down to each individual member of staff.

Through HebeMerchant, you can involve your training provider in populating the training for HebeData. Edatachase, with the permission of your employees, can upload your people and create your training matrices for each job description and ancillary responsibility, so that each member of staff will be assigned training relevant to their job, career path and wider work.

If you have the training material (videos, audio, documents, images or collections of material types), uploading a module and adding the competency test takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Setting up employees through bulk upload takes around half an hour per 100 members of staff, to ensure each employee is in the correct training group, has been assigned the right responsibility levels, in it the correct location and tethered to the right site in your organisation. Creating training schedules, to roll our training over a 52-week period, takes 15 minutes per group of training, through drag and drop of modules. Once set up, the system will run your training year without intervention and report on efficacy and take up 24/7.

You have a choice between a managed system and an owned system. A managed system will be part of a contract with a consultant and pricing will depend on their level of involvement. A standalone system is priced at £100.00 + vat per month per site, if the site employs 30+ members of staff. If the site employs more than 100 members of staff, the user accounts over the 100 will carry an extra charge. Fewer than 30 members of staff, please contact us and we will discuss your requirements. ([email protected]

If an employee leaves you, all HebeData certification may be downloaded and printed out for their records. Alternatively, if they are moving to another employer with a HebeData system, the training record may be passported to the next system. Only documentation approved by the previous employer will be passported. This is of most use for company groups or affiliated companies, with common procedures, protocols and ethos.

You will be sent, via the HebeData portal, a passporting code. The training record of your new employee will be imported and may be integrated into your training schedule. All renewal dates for repeat training will be carried over into your system.

Edatachase offers full support from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you have a training crisis out of hours, we will still be here to give discretionary help.

Yes. If you have an external contractor who is permitted to access personal information on behalf of your employees, yes, someone outside your direct business structure can manage your HebeData system.

Yes. HebeData is a Cloud system and is used by international businesses.

Yes. There is a classroom option for assigning training to a group. Material will be delivered on a single screen. Competency tests will be released to each individual in the group via their personal dashboards.

Yes. The interface of HebeData is in English, but the training creation supports all languages.

HebeData has three tools to help continued best practice:
  • Reminder Points – which should be added to all online training: key points, procedures, images or documents available 24/7 to refresh understanding of a training module. The training disappears once completed successfully, but the reminder points do not.
  • Audit tool – create short audits to check on procedures or best practice, health issues or in-work interactions. These can be created and assigned regularly. The progressive audit option allows you to check on change of time, with a graphical demonstration of efficacy.
  • Infringement module – this module logs infringements or falling standards. The infringement matrix is created by you, to address your own best practice requirements, and can auto-assign short remedial training modules. Where infringements have a mandatory re-training requirement (tachograph monitoring for example), Edatachase can create an API into the infringement module from your monitoring software/reporting.

Yes. The Infringement module logs smaller issues which are pre-disciplinary and logs repeat offences. If infringement develop into more serious breaches, the module has a full reporting ability to give the history of an employee’s actions. Equally, if an employee is facing a disciplinary and has no infringement logged, they can show that the action is out of normal working standards. The module protects the employer, the employee and the overall business.

Yes. Through the Responsibilities assignment, an employee can be trained to fulfil more advanced roles, or key ancillary roles, with a full record of achievement and company encouragement available through the Reporting module.

Yes. Each role in the business should have a Continuity Management set of modules relating to the business continuity plan for each group of employees. This can be assigned as part of the annual schedule, or forced assigned in the event of an Event. HebeData is a Cloud system and will not be affected if a business is hit by a physical disaster. All records, including Infringements and documents, are held in the off-site system, aiding disaster recovery.

Yes. Edatachase is accredited to ISO 27001 (IT security). All HebeData systems are individually encrypted, carry full SSL certification and are GDPR compliant. Each HebeData account (Administrator, Manager and User) is individually encrypted and available only through a personal 6-digit code.