Testimonial (transport)

Midwives and their clients

During lockdown, HebeData has been used by midwives associated with a large maternity unit to contact their clients, train them in taking blood pressure and monitoring themselves to best anticipate any problems during the earlier stages of pregnancy. Uptake of training and understanding can be monitored. The InMail function can record daily blood pressure readings in a secure, monitorable environment. Where minor issues are observed, the progressive audit function can show change over time, and allow the midwife team to make an informed decision about intervention. HebeData has reduced the need for routine appointments while monitoring communication with the clients, ensuring that the NHS could continue to give a full service while observing the requirements of lockdown. Information and responses were tailored and focussed individually, and all actions recorded and reported to safeguard all parties.

Passing an Audit

HebeData reports show take up and efficacy of training as part of compliance required for auditing bodies. One company wished to bid to transport pharmaceutical drugs and to win any tender, had to be accredited by the MHRA. The company offering is specialist and did not fall into the normal MHRA categories. In collaboration with the MHRA, a suite of training modules was built and delivered to all members of staff to prepare them for their new roles. The audit tool confirmed the new procedures and the company has now grown to accommodate increasing volume of pharmaceutical and medical device deliveries across the sector.

Blended learning

A college of further education is using HebeData to offer blended learning programmes to local businesses. Using the HebeSuite, the college is delivering course modules, or bespoke training, to employees, without requiring attendance at the college. Training and development learning is designed to support specific industry sectors. Each company may augment the college modules with their own internal practices, and mix the learning with face to face or recorded on-the-job training which can be videoed and uploaded into each employee’s dashboard. College learning (workshops) are also tested and uploaded into each employee’s training record. HebeData acts as a bridge between the College and the businesses it is serving, in a fully monitored and secure system.